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Paranormal, Sure... But Why God?

It’s a fair question, I suppose. On the surface, “paranormal romance with a Christian twist” sounds like a genre at odds with itself. But that’s not the way I see it.

I believe in God. He is a part of all the areas of my life; why shouldn’t He be a part of my stories as well? I feel like these stories are His gift to me; they are part of my purpose and the work I am meant to do. And I want to reflect to the world – even if it’s just in a small way – that truth and light that I’ve found in my faith.

At the same time, I’m also fascinated by the “dark side” – as in, vampires, demons, lost souls, etc. I love the contrast of bringing light into the darkness, and the grace it takes to save what appears to be utterly lost. I feel like it portrays a deeper message: if these “monsters” can find a happy ending, then surely there is hope for the rest of us.

So really, why not include God in my stories of paranormal romance? To my way of thinking, you can’t have evil without good to oppose it. Therefore, if you are going to mention the devil, you have to mention God as well. The former does not exist without the latter.

In the end, what I write are just stories. They are fiction – not real (I believe I mentioned this in my last post ;-P). But they do expose some very real truths. I just chose to put them in an extreme setting in order to better showcase all that God can do.

Let me be clear: I’m not explaining all this because I feel compelled to apologize for what I’ve written. I’m writing this because in many ways it seems the world has become increasingly intolerant. It seems so many people are out to point fingers of blame at each other, and they become overly focused on what makes us “individuals” instead of what connects us as human beings. Yet the truth is that being different isn’t the same as being wrong and you can’t blame other people for your own stupidity. However, I’m not here to fix everything – merely to comment on how beautiful patterns can still be seen in the broken pieces.

So I won’t apologize for including God in my stories, or for including Him in stories mixed with magic and the supernatural, though I am sorry if someone chooses to take offense. That was never my intention. My intention was to tell a story, and this is the story I have to tell: warts, religion and all. These are not “Christian books” – they are books written by a Christian. If you don’t like it, put it down and walk away. Perhaps my story was simply not meant for you.

But it was meant for someone. I write these books because when I close my eyes, this is the story that I see. I know these characters. I am these characters. Writing these stories was like jotting notes about a group of my closest friends. And when you have the opportunity to give a happy ending to someone you love, you do it. So I will continue writing my books of love and hope and happy endings for as long as I can, so that these stories can serve the purpose they were intended serve 😊.

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